Being a good steward of the taxpayers’ money is a top priority. Since being elected as your State Representative, Geanie has passed balanced budgets, lowered taxes and cut wasteful spending.


Texas is blessed with a vibrant economy that continues to gain national attention, including being named CNBC’s Top State for Business in 2018. One in seven jobs created in the U.S. in 2018 was created in Texas. This is the result of policies that encourage Texans to start and grow businesses, creating jobs that allow families to be independent and to live in dignity. That’s why Geanie Morrison continues to work with our state leaders to keep taxes low, regulations reasonable and our legal system fair and honest, so Texas remains the leading economic and job growth state in America.


The federal government has neglected their responsibility to secure the border, so Texas has stepped up to the plate. Geanie increased funding for border security to record levels, adding more border patrol agents and better technology on the border to keep drug cartels, gangs and human traffickers out of our country.


Geanie Morrison national pro-life leader. She established the Baby Moses Project to address the alarming increase in newborns being abandoned in perilous places. In her first session, Geanie passed the Baby Moses Law to give desperate mothers a safe harbor alternative to aborting or dangerously abandoning their newborns, the first bill of its kind in the nation. Since then, Geanie has traveled the country working for this cause. Now all fifty states have passed similar legislation saving countless lives.


As your State Representative, Geanie is committed to ensuring our children have the best education possible. She is fighting to make sure more of your tax dollars make it directly to the classroom. Geanie has improved education options for children and increased career training programs for students who don’t plan to attend college.


The right to keep and bear arms is given to us in the Constitution. Geanie is “A” Rated by the NRA because will always fight for our right to defend our families.

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